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It Is Time to Go Solar

By going solar, you'll be saving time and money.

All in one Probis Solar solar system

Planning and Saving

Probis Solar HSS is a solution for household power supply provided by distributed photovoltaic and wind power generation. It can effectively realize energy conversion and storage, solve the imbalance between distributed power generation and load, improve the stability and utilization rate of renewable energy power generation, and realize "self-generation and self-use" on the user side, saving electricity costs.


The grid-connected energy storage system refers to the power generation and energy storage system that is integrated into the grid, and the generated electricity may be used for its own use, and the surplus is supplied to other users in the grid. The entire system is a power generation system including photovoltaic module arrays, photovoltaic controllers, battery packs, battery management systems (BMS), inverters, and corresponding energy storage power station joint control and dispatching systems. 

HSS 1  3-phase

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HSS 3 1-phase or split phase

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Better for the Environment

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