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ProBis air cooling with SUN

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Product Advantages

1.DC power supply, environmental protection, don't use a cent of electricity;

2.Split block design, easy to install;
3. Air supply from above, balanced temperature, wider area, large volume of circulating air 650 m³/h;

4.ECO intelligent mode, on air volume and temperature to control indoor temperature, more environmental protection;

5.One multi-purpose machine that can be connected to external direct electrical devices.
6. DC motor frequency converter, motor efficiency can reach more than 80%, air conditioner energy saving can increase more than 20%;
7. One key control, silent sleep mode
8.Comfortable quiet, create a comfortable sleeping environment;
9. Independent dehumidification, maintenance of quality air in the room
10. Seiko grade high-quality aluminum and magnesium alloy production, corrosion resistance, no deformation, good heat dissipation.


Product Paramenters

Nominal Voltage    20V-30V

Refrigerating Capacity  2500W


BTU   8552 2500W

Applicable Area 20-40㎡

Electric Power 700W

Installation Hang a Wall

Refrigerating Fluid R134a

Solar Panel power 1.2-1.5KW

Nominal Capacity 250Ah

Electricity(kWh) 6.4kWh

Nominal Voltage 24V

Electric Current 60A


Better for the Environment

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